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Monday, October 31, 2016

Starting Fresh and New

Hello! Life has changed so much for my family and I over the last 2 years, more so this past year, that blogging, scrapbooking - everything - really took a back seat. So I've decided to leave my old blog as it is and start with a fresh and new look/blog. As life is starting to settle, I'm feeling the itch to get back at it again. I need to clean my craftroom that's for sure! Go through my photo's and share some with you. Some events of this past year?
  • I took a 9 mth course through work and am now a Canadian Certified Optometric Assistant
  • I made the change from working average 60 hours a week (2 jobs) to cutting down to 1 and having normal hours
  • Hubby was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes in Feb - I have a whole new respect for those with diabetes. It affects your entire lifestyle/family
  • We have a new addition - Jax the tabby cat. Because we needed more pets!
  • Son started 3rd year University
  • Daughter in gr 11 and trying to decide where she wants to go from high school
So much more but that's it in a nutshell. So I've lost my way where blogging is concerned as I just didn't have the time. I need to get back into it so I hope a fresh start will be good for me and get me moving!!

Friday, October 21, 2016

Thanksgiving 2016

Hi all! I wanted to share some photo's from Thanksgiving weekend which was 2 weeks ago. Andrew couldn't come home, so we went to see him and Caitlyn in Peterborough and had a nice walk through the zoo then out to dinner. Following day we headed up to Dorset for another family dinner and managed to get some gorgeous photo's which I wanted to share